Noise Contour List

With military air installations located in numerous municipalities throughout the region, as well as two international airports, it is inevitable that somewhere and somehow, aircraft noise will impact you.

To search for properties in the noise contour please use the Hampton Noise Contour Map link below. Below the city map click on ‘Search By Address’. If the property is in the Noise Contour it will give you the decibel reading that is required in the form entitled ‘Real Estate Transfer Disclosure for Properties Located in a Locality in which a Military Air Installation is Located’. 

hampton contour.jpg

Hampton Geographic info

Hampton Noise Contour Map


What is AICUZ

Informing the public about the AICUZ program and seeking cooperative efforts to minimize noise and aircraft accident potential impact by promoting compatible development in the vicinity of military air installations. 

    To learn more, watch the AICUZ Program Video below