Buyer Resources

This page of resources is meant to help you understand and navigate the home buying process. The housing market is always changing, but these documents are general guidelines that should be informational and beneficial as you begin your journey to find a new home!

Home buyer’s Interest Survey

This is meant to help us take note and start a record of what you want and need in a home. It will allow me to gain knowledge of your likes and dislikes during this process. Have fun and enjoy the journey!! We are one step closer to finding your new home!

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Home Buying Property Checklist

This document can be used when we visit homes. You can record the property information for you to review and compare with other homes.

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Home Buying Process

This guide helps you understand the general process of home buying.

Reinventing Real Estate One Relationship At a time

The benefits of allowing me to help you find your home, as well as links to information that can assist you in the buying process.

The Advantages of a Buyer Agency Agreement

What Type of Home Meets Your Needs?

Before we start looking, think about what you want in a home and how we can find what you need!